Barbara Cohen

While my practice was initially litigation oriented, in 2001 I began focusing my attention on alternative dispute resolution approaches to Family Law.


Blake Lyngseth

Blake advocates a non-adversarial approach to family law when possible. Unlike other areas of law, family law most often results in significant emotional and financial losses for both parties.

Cohen Lyngseth is a unique, Ottawa based legal practice focusing primarly on family law as well as the complimentary areas of wills and estates and elder law. We believe in the principles of collaborative family law and mediation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you choose the right process to fit your unique situation – a process that meets your emotional and financial interests and those of your children.



As part of our community outreach, we participated in a series of radio programs designed to bring CFL into the mainstream.

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Listen to show 7 part 1
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Legal Issues

Our practice focuses on Family Law, Wills and Estates and Elder Law. Our about the law pages explore the various aspects that make up this practice. Some of these areas include:

Divorce Issues

Wills and Estate Issues

Common Law Relationships

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